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Welcome to Civcraft!

Main server address: mc.civcraft.vg
Mumble server address: mc.civcraft.vg
CivTest server address: mc.civcraft.vg:25566
Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Civcraft/

Civcraft is an experiment for communities, political ideologies, debate and discussion. Our backstory is based on history, not fiction. We’re forming a new direction for game-play, not just about surviving the elements, but about surviving each other, where players can work together to create and shape civilisation or to watch it crumble. A world open to any idea, manifesto or philosophy, created by the players. We hope to push minecraft to it’s fullest potential in order to foster discussion, experimentation and community building. This is the great pastime and challenge of mankind: Civilisation.

Civcraft is a unique Minecraft server where the players make the rules. It's an experiment for communities, political ideologies, debate and discussion. Most Minecraft servers have rules, like “no griefing”, “no stealing”, or “be nice”. Civcraft doesn't. However, that doesn't mean you can run wild throughout the world, pillaging and plundering all that you come across, because Civcraft isn't an ordinary vanilla Minecraft server. We have a collection of plugins that encourages co-operation between players by increasing Minecraft's base difficulty tenfold and puts players in control of justice.

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Server Lore of the Current World (2.0)

Server Lore of the First World (1.0)

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