This is a page for notable players of Civcraft, please do not add yourself to this list. If you'd like a personal page consider creating a User page on the Wiki. See Alternate Accounts for a detailed list of Impersonators and Alts. A list of staff can be found here.



AnarchoManiac - King of The Commonwealth. Helped design the Civcraft website.

Ave3ng3d7x - Broadcaster, political satirist, cartoonist, and impressionist. Formerly used the persona of “Bane” in his popular weekly news series, “Bane Talks Civcraft” Is the foreman of Little Latvia.

bananafone31 - Source of much drama on 1.0. A builder of pretty things.

bloodidiot - Notorious griefer. Has griefed almost every major city on the server, killed/pearled many innocent players, and has made it away with hundreds thousands of diamonds worth of gear and items.

blueavenue - Big Blue. Founder and figurehead of Carson. Spent some of 1.0 pretending to be a woman for unclear, troubling reasons.

bodhidharma420 - One of the founders of the LSIF. One of the oldest players on teh server. Spiritual leader of the LSIF and a general adonis of the highest sort.

Caiden06 - Also known as Slntskr. Simply put the best miner in all of Civcraft, ever. Known to have mined forty-two doublechests of diamond blocks in 24 hours using only the ridiculously masculine waggle of his brow. Loving father.

_dbb_ - Prussian, beloved diplomat, master of alt storage accounts, singer of many songs, commonly mistaken as the leader of Prussia, and usually drunk. He joined Civcraft in the summer of 2012 as a member of the Fourth Reich and went on to become a founding and key member of the Kingdom of Prussia, but quit the server on the 6th of October, 2013.

Dil_Weasel - Insane diplomat. Has a lot of connections.

Dsclouse A founder of Aeon. Not actually notable. But still likes to take long walks on the Aeonian shore with his good friends Mustercull and Xianefekt.

Erich_Honecker_ - He's just a voice. A very sexy voice.

farley50 - King of the RedHats and founder of Aurora.

Ronald "Reagan" Grundeswald - Legally insane conspiracy theorist and founder of GrundesCorp

Geckos017 - The man who single-handedly planned out and executed the razing of Aurora and founded the UICR. Totally not a KGB agent or anything. Notoriously horrible speller.

Hamster238 - The universally despised lone horseman of the Apocalypse - Brought forth the end of Civcraft 1.0
He never gets hangovers - it's, like, his party trick, y'know?

Hummelwagen - Once in a blue moon something strikes you as so odd, so perfect, so… majestic. Hummelwagen's voice flows like a smooth stream flows over a gentle river in a misty mountain range. The golden liquid that flows from the gods' chalices as the harpsichord of tolerance plays its mystical tune for all to hear. That is Hummelwagen.

Itaqi - Founder of Orion. Outspoken Monarchist leading a Democracy.
Isaao12 - Founder of Equinox.

Jacinth_Joy - Earth Mover, Wolf Mother, builder of extensive rail systems. Winkiest of faces. CivPVP Admin.

Killer_Chris - Kareoke champion and Grundeswald Director of Board-Approved Entertainment.

kingr8 - Hosts a talk show regarding current/past important events of Civcraft.

L0stman - Builder of Gitmo and Purgatory. Voice of reason. He left Civcraft for bigger and better places September 2013.

Lightning1789 - Founder of Ancora and Co-Founder of New Augusta, very contriversal player. Fought two revolutions in Ancora, he lost the second. Gurubashi member, and member of the Trinith Council.

Mandy - Former alkaowni griefer from Civ1, thought to be reformed, who later returned to griefing when she dumped a lot of DRO on Aurora.

mattamattress - Controversial bot pioneer and snitch network builder.

Mister_Magpie - BasedMagpie. CivPVP admin and Carshole. Subreddit CSS is his art.

MrsEmery - Romantically linked to Theodius during 1.0. Her lover now dead, it's further rumoured that grief has driven her to create a gimmick girl gang.

Mustercull - Lives in Aeon, has a love for animals that borders on the obsessive, sometimes his affections end in tragedy.

nickyd614 - Saviour of the Proletariat, glorious leader of Proletarskaya.

pavel_the_hitman - Maintainer of the civtransportmap. A beacon of free information to some, and a foolish tyrant against privacy to others.


P3nisSh1tstain - A persona of mystique surrounds this interesting, battle-forged man. He pursues the future of the city of Commonwealth and works rapidly towards his goal of world domination. He's known for swagging about and bringing shame to the virgins of the server.


Rykleos - There exists no man in history that has masterd the art of calling someone a petulent nerd like Rykleos. His way with words rival those of the great Shakespeare. He often rambles random insults and giggles like a bitch. Probably insane.

Siksta - There exists in a far away mystical city of Aeon a man so wonderfully enchanted by the oddities of every day life. A man so happy, so joyful, so… gay. Siksta manages the ledger of the war-forged city of Aeon, balancing it's every spenditure to help advance the Aeon for the good of the common people. Siksta is a hero.

_sword - Nerd. Famously created a bot in 1.0 to walk across topside nether eating potatoes for several hours, putting him exteremly deep into the nether from where he snitch-spammed several people. Some players erroneously thought this was actually the work of admin criminal Teajizzle teleporting sword's alt deep into the nether.

Seldomshock - Founder of Orion, leader of Democracy in civcraft.

tankbuster44 - Freed a rampart griefer (raz0rblade) from the Gondolin vault against King Berge's wishes with the belief that raz0r would begin playing niecely. Raz0r proceeded to grief again.

Teajizzle - Bedrock dragon. Former civcraft admin. Admin criminal. Houses for hands.

tehaleks - Does literally nothing except post tentacle porn on mumble. A cougar.

Theodius - Now rumoured to be dead, his maid Mrs Emery is his only remaining link in 2.0.

_The_Traveler Civcraft celebrity, travels from city to city occasionally posting pictures to the sub. Revelaed soap's hidden tunnel to world border vault.





Xianefekt Resident of Aeon, City Operations Counselor of Aeon, Cool guy, believes in Progress.



Zoltan1770 - That guy with the AquaMan skin. Infamous for supplying Bloodgang.

Zombie_Lenin - Glorious leader, loved by all. Founder of New Leningrad.

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