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AthensGreek City-State
Greek City-State
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy
Head of State Archon of State
Archon of State JohnBunyanT
Members of Parliament JohnBunyanT
Date Established April 2013
Population ~10 citizens
Culture Greek
Location Deep -,-
Affiliations: S.P.Q.R.
Subreddit /r/CivcraftAthens

City of Athens

The city-state of Athens is a Greek city built on a mountainous bluff overlooking a desert deep in the minus minus.


As it stands, Athens is currently under the rule of Oss_Spy and JohnBunyanT; SirGrettir has stepped down and moved on to other projects within Civcraft.

Government Agencies:

  • C.D.F. - (Civilian Defense Force) - This consists of a militia whose duty is to protect the city from enemies or act as police as needed. The head of this agency shall be commissioned by parliament. The authority of the general shall be to call the militia to arms and to conduct any battle. Only Parliament can order an arrest but it is carried out by the CDF. Likewise only Parliament can declare war or peace, but it will leave the conduction of the war to the general. The CDF may not violate Citizen’s rights except in special circumstances i.e. criminal breach of law.
  • Immigration - This is the organization whose duty it is to actively seek out new citizens to join Athens through public awareness efforts, the sharing of advertisement and other propaganda materials

Government Commissions:

currently none…


The terrain of and around Athens is very rugged, with very few major bodies of water and little to no minor bodies of water that are naturally made. Given the sensitive nature of the location of Athens, very little detail should be disclosed and images of the terrain should not be distributed. That said, however, resources are abundant and there are few settlements nearby.


The economy of Athens is largely self-sufficient, given the small population and seclusion. Stone that is produced by a 50×50 quarry is the primary good produced, and this quarry begins at a height of 147 and has been dug down to about 132. Oss_Spy is the manager of the quarry and has received significant support from the council in digging it out, along with great help from at least three other town members.

Businesses and Organizations

Prominent Buildings

Statue of Athena

Notable Events In Athenian History

-Sir_Grettir stepped down from office, leaving Oss_Spy and JohnBunyanT in charge.

-Athens received a makeover. Renovations include new factories, better roads, and a port.


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