PrisonPearl is a plugin that allows players to imprison other players in The End by killing them and having an ender pearl in their hotbar.

Imprisoning Players

Players are imprisoned when they die and have taken sufficient (configurable) damage from a player who has one or more ender pearls placed in his hotbar. The person who dealt the most damage to the player gets one pearl converted into a prison pearl. If a player stops taking damage for a configurable a period of time, the damage log is reset and the player will not be imprisoned if they die.[1]

Securing Pearls

A pearl is only secure when placed in an inventory block, such as a chest or dispenser. A prison pearl in a players inventory will be freed if that player logs out. A prison pearl left on the ground will be freed if it despawns, or if the chunk containing it is unloaded. A burned or lava-d prison pearl will also be freed.[2]

Coal Cost

Captors must supply a cost of coal to the chest containing the prisoner's pearl. Each day during the server restart, an amount of coal is deducted from the chest. If there is not enough coal to supply the deduction, then the prisoner will be freed from the End. In order for the deduction to occur however, the prisoner must log in on a weekly basis.


Command Alias Function
/pplocate /ppl Allows the prisoner to locate their pearl
/ppfree /ppf Frees the prisoner
/ppsummon /pps Summons the prisoner to the location of the player holding the pearl
/ppreturn /ppr Returns a prisoner to The End with their inventory intact
/ppkill /ppk Returns the prisoner to The End without their inventory
/ppbroadcast /ppb Broadcast your /pplocates to the given player automatically


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