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By having an ender pearl in your Hotbar when you kill someone, the killed player becomes trapped in the end.

Prison Pearl is the reason why Civcraft is more than a pvp server. It makes actions have consequences. Your reputation can be the difference between being trapped away in the end without respite or people rallying to free you.

Tutorial to Using Prison Pearl

The basics of Prison Pearl are simple. Have at least one ender pearl in your hotbar and when you kill a player, they will be pearled. Once a player is pearled, they are trapped in the end until they are released or until the chest they are in runs out of coal. Pearls need to be stored in a chest with coal for them safekeeping. One pearl costs eight coal per day for five days if the pearled player logs in. This is called the charge time. If the pearled player goes five days without logging in then the pearl stops costing coal until they log in and reset the charge time.

Warning: If you log out with a pearl and there are no other players within render distance than the pearl will be released. If other players are within render distance than the pearl will be dropped. The moment a pearl is outside of render distance the pearled player is released. Pearls must stored in chest with coal for safe keeping. Charcoal will not work.

Most criminals are stored in highly secured vaults that can cost thousands of diamonds and obsidian to make. It is highly advised to store criminal pearls in secure vaults.

Warning: Do not store the pearl in an item frame. If they type `/ppl` then they will be freed immediately.

Being Pearled

If you are pearled than you are trapped in [the end](http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/The_End) until you are either released or the chest you are stored in runs out of coal. The end is what Civcraft would be without Prison Pearl. It is a desolate world of no consequences and as such isn't very fun.

Being released is dependent on why you were pearled in the first place. If you are pearled than it is convention that the pearler posts a “claims thread” in [/r/Civcraft](www.reddit.com/r/civcraft). A claim is colloqually used to refer to a claim for reparations, indicating that damage was done against them by the pearled player. Those posting claims using post screenshots of Snitch logs to back their claims for reparations.

If someone does have claims on you then you must either adapt to this cruel new world or work out an arrangement to pay off reparations. Usually, a commonly accept way to way reparations is to farm ender pearls in the end and trade them to your pearl holder. The pearl holder will sell the pearls and put that money toward your paying off owed reparations.

Finding Your Pearl and Broadcasting

If no one has posted a claims thread and you can't get into contact with your pearl holder then type `/pplocate`. This will tell you the location of your pearl. Now, make a claims thread in /r/Civcraft for yourself and be sure to mention the location of your pearl. If no one has claims on you and you were pearled wrongly, then the community will usually break you out or demand the pearl holder explain themselves.

You can type `/ppbroadcast player-name` to share the coordinates of your pearl whenever you type `/pplocate` or whenever it is moved. In the event people are trying to free you, using `/ppbroadcast` is highly recommended.

Summoning and Returning Prisoners

Prison Pearl allows you to summon pearled players. Equip the player's pearl in your hand and type `/ppsummon` or `/pps` and this brings the pearled player into the overworld with only pearls in their inventory and the armor they are wearing. No other items can be transported by a summoned player. You can also use `/pps player-name range` to set how far away from you they will be at when summoned.

Note: Any other items in the pearled player's inventory will be dropped on the ground in the end at the location they were prior to being summoned. It is advised to notify the player you are summoning so that they have time to prepare stash their items.

Only ender pearls and equipped armor can be transported through summoning. All other items are dropped on the ground.

Toggling Damage, Block Break, and Changing the MOTD for Prisoners

Summoned players will take damage if they wander too far away from you. You can change the distance they can travel with `/ppsetdist numbers`.

Additionally, it is advisable to type `/pptoggledamage` so that the pearled player can't kill you and free themselves. You must either hold their pearl in your hand or type their name like `/pptoggledamage Dr_Jawa`. You can also use `/pptoggleblocks` to make it so that the players can't break blocks. Finally, if they are being vile or unpleasant `/pptogglespeech` makes it so that they can't use general chat.

You can also change the message of the day a pearled player receives by either holding their pearl and typing `/ppsetmotd your text here` or typing the players name `/ppsetmotd Dr_Jawa You have 100 diamonds in reparations remaining.`

For the purpose of receiving reparations, you can summon them and allow them to drop the pearls and in exchange give them wood or such and then type `/ppreturn` to send them back to the end.

Note: Any items in the players inventory when they are returned stay in their inventory. You can use this to your advantage. By providing the pearled player some cheap armor, food, and wood planks and returning them to the end they can in turn farm pearls for you.

Freeing Prisoners

With the pearl in your right in your hand, right click and they will random spawn away. Alternatively, you can type `/ppfree` and they will be freed at your feet.

Note: If you put the pearl in a chest with no coal, then after server restart the pearl is freed and you actually get a useable pearl back.

List Of Commands

Name Usage Shortcut
Summons the player to your location/ppsummon [player-name]/pps [player-name]
Summons the player x blocks away /ppsummon [player-name] [numbers]/pps [numbers]
Returns the player to the end /ppreturn [player-name] /ppr [player-name]
Frees the player /ppfree [player-name] /ppf [player-name]
Toggles the ability to do damage /pptoggledamage [player-name]
Toggles the ability to break blocks /pptoggleblocks [player-name]
Toggles the ability to use chat /pptogglespeech [player-name]
Change the distance the player can be away from the pearl holder /ppsetdistance numbers
Sets MOTD for the player /ppsetmotd your message here
Broadcasts your pplocate commands to another player /ppbroadcast [player-name]
Locates the coordinates of your pearl /pplocate/ppl

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