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This is a list of all available commands for Civcraft plugins that are available to users.


Name Usage
/help civchat Brings up all available commands for the chat.
/chat Brings up a list of command that give information.
/chat range Brings up information about the range of the chat system.
/chat groupchat Brings up information about groupchat.
/chat tell Brings up information about the tell system.
/chat alias Brings up a list of aliases, shorter versions of commands.
/groupchat [citadel group] <message> Sends a message to the specified group. All members from that group will be able to see it.
/tell [player-name] Creates a channel with the specified player.
/ignore [player-name] Adds a player to the ignore list. Messages or chats from them will be invisible. If the player is already ignored, then it will remove them from the list


For more on Citadel see Citadel.

Name Usage Shortcut
Create Group /ctcreate <group-name> /ctc
Delete Group /ctdelete <group-name> /ctdel
Group Info /ctgroupinfo <group-name> /ctgi
Transfer Group /cttransfer <group-name> <target-player-name> /ctt
Group Password (“null” disables password/join) /ctpassword <group-name> <password> /ctpw
Add Moderator /ctaddmod <group-name> <player-name> /ctam
Remove Moderator /ctremovemod <group-name> <player-name> /ctrm
Allow Member /ctallow <group-name> <player-name> /cta
Disallow Member /ctdisallow <group-name> <player-name> /ctd
Join Group /ctjoin <group-name> <group-password> /ctj
Leave Group /ctleave <group-name> /ctl
List Your Groups /ctgroups /ctgs
List Moderators of Your Group /ctmoderators <group-name> /ctmods
List Members of Your Group /ctmembers <group-name> /ctm
Bypass Mode /ctbypass /ctb
Fortify Mode /ctfortify [security-level] /ctf
- /ctfortify group <group-name> -
Group Mode /ctgroup <group-name> /ctg
Reinforce Mode /ctreinforce [security-level] /ctr
- /ctreinforce group <group-name> -
Private Mode /ctprivate /ctpr
Public Mode /ctpublic /ctpu
Info Mode /ctinfo /cti
Toggle Modes Off /ctoff /cto
Possible Reinforcement Materials /ctmaterials /ctmat
Non Reinforceable /ctnonreinforceable /ctn
Reinforcements that are securable /ctsecurable /cts
Plugin Version /ctversion /ctv
Stats /ctstats
Help /help Citadel
Insecure Mode† /ctinsecure /ctis
†Command which enters the player into insecure-mode, similar to info-mode. Hitting reinforced blocks causes them to toggle their insecure flag. This only affects hopper transfers at the moment by overriding the security when the hopper is transferring from or into a less secure block. The source block of the item movement is the one for which this flag matters. The player must be the founder or a moderator of the block's group to toggle the flag. For example, your hopper sorting machine is all reinforced with your group. At the end of it you want to provide copious amounts of cobble free to the unwashed masses. Without the insecure flag, it's not possible to move the items into a public chest. By toggling the insecure bit on your group reinforced hopper that dumps into the public chest, the items will now flow into the chest. Also, it's possible to make transfers between two groups work by having a source chest flagged insecure with the next group's hopper feeding from it.

Combat Tag

Name Usage
Check whether or not you are tagged/ct


For more on JukeAlert see the wiki page.

Name Usage
Display JukeAlert Help /jahelp
Display first page of snitch logs in chat /jainfo
Display specified page of snitch logs in chat /jainfo [page-number]
Display snitches in chat /jalist
Display next page of snitches /jalist [page-number]
Name the snitch /janame []
Use the coordinates to look up the citadel group the snitch is on /jalookup <x> <y> <z> [world]
Displays group ignore list /jamute
Add/remove group to/from ignore list until server restart /jamute [group-name]
Add/remove all groups to/from ignore until server restart /jamute [*]
Clear snitch logs in the snitch /jaclear

<> = mandatory [] = optional

Prison Pearl

For more on Prison Pearl see TODO

Name Usage Shortcut
Summons the player to your location/ppsummon [player-name]/pps [player-name]
Summons the player x blocks away /ppsummon [player-name] [numbers]/pps [numbers]
Returns the player to the end /ppreturn [player-name] /ppr [player-name]
Frees the player /ppfree [player-name] /ppf [player-name]
Toggles the ability to do damage /pptoggledamage [player-name]
Toggles the ability to break blocks /pptoggleblocks [player-name]
Toggles the ability to use chat /pptogglespeech [player-name]
Change the distance the player can be away from the pearl holder † /ppsetdistance numbers /ppsetdist numbers
Sets MOTD for the player /ppsetmotd your message here
Broadcasts your pplocate commands to another player /ppbroadcast [player-name]
Locates the coordinates of your pearl /pplocate/ppl

<> = mandatory [] = optional

† The '/ppsetdistance number' command is invoked while holding the pearl in hand, otherwise if pearl is merely in the inventory, it must be '/ppsetdistance number [playername]'





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