International Confederation
of Habitual Grumpers
Demonyn Grumper
Language Grump Speak (English writen for Oral Presentation)
Capital Williamsburgland
Population 40+ uncountable
Founder Billwilliams
Current Warlord Jonstrosity

International Confederation of Habitual...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...Grumpers

The Grumpers are a delocated meta faction of independent grumpers scattered across the map. Their binding similarity is adherence to generally Grump philosophies in their governance and interactions.


The Grumpers were proposed as an idea from thecriminalmind to Billwilliams in a plan to attempt to increase universal fun on the server without decreasing the fun of others, and at the same time guide others to want to increase fun without diminishing fun.

as taken from the grumper sub

“i (Billwilliams) run this piece. so… no racism, sexism, bullying or whatever…

you (not Billiams) help me run this piece. so… be excellent to each other, like bill and ted…

we rock, so have fun, be cool, never diminish someone else's fun, unless their fun is diminishing other peoples fun, (or you will be disowned), and circlejerk… brag about insignificant stuff make exaggerated fake and enjoyable stories, and spam hard.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) t༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ށ >:C”

other tenants are forgiveness, coercing people to join the grumpers with absurdism, anti-maliciousness, defending innocents with gerfing aggressors, and a low key playstyle completed by much bragging.


Since the formation of the Grumpers, they have taken to many projects for Funcreasing.

Vanahiemr: Degrief/rebuild claim city (until someone siezed it back… @_@)

Honequest: a mission of replicating a gerfed house of Erich_Honker_s, and tagging as many cities as possible.

Gerfing of 0,0: a mission to enact a brutal form of justice to a brutal faction.

The Turbocactus: bad times

The Exodus: many founding Grumpers left


In counter idea to the typical massive paragraph novels that people enjoy writing, Billwilliams follows the ideal concept of KISS, but at the same time believes that true expression can only be conveyed in typed words by use of improper or excessive grammar to create an oral presentation (read it out loud), specifically ellipses, resulting… in an… extremely… exaspirated… thing… to read…

also ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)beautiful… face… like…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…this…


The colors of the Grumpers are red and black. in the shape of an angry face

The colors of The Honecker House are Purple, Magenta, Lime, and Orange

placed at random in a city

Not griefing

Honecker Houses, Grump faces, cute, absurd, inoffensive


Grumpers holds generally neutral or favorable relations with all cities and groups that do not demonstrate tendencies towards injustice or the harboring of griefers. Despite drastic differences, Grumpers operates peacefully with others, though with some admitted degree of Grump.

Billwilliams seeked to mend city “friendships” and unite cities to a group like the SEA, but stronger, and more personal.

within minutes the Grumpers had United 2 almost enemy cities of Tigerstaden and New Agora… with the power of Grump!


Grump Hard, Grump Fast, Grump Habitual. Grump Harder, Grump Faster, Grump Habitualler. can not be a current gerfer, if was a gerfer, must have reformed. gotta like trolling.

Being a massive Faction, it is only second in membershit to Grimps (The Grumps = most people who do not think the Grumpers are the BEST FACTION EVER!)

Permissable Ideologies

All none-malicious ideologies. the grumpers have a specifically anti-idiological stance, and the opinion that this is a volentary based videogame, and therefore even ancap could work in this game, therefore, no care is given.

The Exodus

early 2013 was a dark time for civcrap, many high profile grumpers left the server

  • The Nerfing of Billwilliams
  • Gabeknight quits (Gabeknight never quit)
  • Banksnlb quits
  • Erich_Honecker_ quits
  • Billwilliams unnerfed
  • Dr_Oracle quits
  • Valenti griefed
  • Personfrommars quits
  • Billwilliams quits
  • Sami_Ghani quits
  • LastSheep quits
  • Awearyworld quits

List of Grumper Terminology

  • grump(verb) - the act of grumping
  • grump(noun) - grump
  • grumping(verb) - wen u grump
  • grumpface(noun) - a face for grumps
  • ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; - a message for when you are being grumpblocked
  • grumpblocked - when someone is blocking your grump
  • turbocactus - the evilest thing ever in the whole world who tries to kill grumpers
  • grumper - someone who grumps
  • raisin - delicious
  • grimp - someone who supports the turbocactus
  • romp - grumpblocking threat
  • ex. im going to ROMP the shit out of you if you dont stop
  • erich honecker - <3
  • learn2play - noob
  • billwilliams - yes
  • romper - someone who only exists to make people unhappy and romps when it is inappropriate
  • pooper - someone who is really poopy

List of Warlords

The Grumper Dynasty, the first Succession of Dynastic rulers of Civcraft

  • Billwilliams (Founding → Feb 26 2013)
  • Juz16 (Feb 26 2013 → March 15 2013)
  • Jonstrosity (March 15 2013 → Present)

List of Known Cities with or historically with High Profile Grumpers in High Places

  • Mt. Augusta (Mayors & Judges)
  • Haven (Steward)
  • Chiapas (Probably half the city)
  • Amnesty (Founder)
  • Valenti (Probably half the city)
  • Agraria (Leaders)
  • Danzig (Royalty)
  • C0c0fort (C0c0nut)
  • Agora (Leaders/mod)
  • Danzilona (Leaders)
  • Communa (Leaders)
  • Panneton (Probably half the city)
  • Tigerstaden (Leaders)
  • New Pyonyang (Founders)
  • Aristopolis (Leaders)

List of Known Affiliates (free members)

* Prussian royalty
* Valentians
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